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If you have heard the word ahegao floating around but wasn’t sure what it meant, I would be happy to clear that up for you. This is the term used to define those sexy pleasure faces made by the babes in Japanese anime porn, erotic manga, video games, and more. It’s usually demonstrated by the babes sticking out their tongues, crossing their eyes, or rolling their eyes back in their head. Essentially, it’s an exaggerated orgasm face. Recently, cam girls have caught on to how much men go crazy for it and have begun replicating it in their live cam shows.

If you’re curious to see just how hot this can be, check out the Ahegao live cam category on Nude Cams. You’ll see a plethora of babes, most of them Asian, playing with their pussies and getting quite animated in their reactions. There are tons of chicks to choose from, and you can even explore loads of other categories as well. There’s something out there for everyone with as many babes as there are here.

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