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Are you being unfaithful if you use free local sex sites?

A lot of guys think that they are completely and automatically being unfaithful if they’re looking for free local sex. Well, you might be jumping the gun here; you might be assuming too much. First, you need to ask yourself certain key questions for you to look at the complete situation.

Unfortunately, the whole free local sex scene has such a negative reputation that people feel dirty just thinking about it. They feel that they’re automatically doing something wrong if they’re looking for this type of action. The truth is you can be looking for free local sex and still be morally clean. Of course I’m defining morality here in terms of our modern times. I’m not talking about classical morality of your grandparents.

So, are you automatically being unfaithful if you use a free local sex site? The answer is, it depends. First of all, you need to ask yourself a question: Do you even have a partner?

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