Are you being unfaithful if you use free local sex sites?

A lot of guys think that they are completely and automatically being unfaithful if they’re looking for free local sex. Well, you might be jumping the gun here; you might be assuming too much. First, you need to ask yourself certain key questions for you to look at the complete situation.

Unfortunately, the whole free local sex scene has such a negative reputation that people feel dirty just thinking about it. They feel that they’re automatically doing something wrong if they’re looking for this type of action. The truth is you can be looking for free local sex and still be morally clean. Of course I’m defining morality here in terms of our modern times. I’m not talking about classical morality of your grandparents.

So, are you automatically being unfaithful if you use a free local sex site? The answer is, it depends. First of all, you need to ask yourself a question: Do you even have a partner?

The truth is a lot of guys bang the same chick over and over again, but when you ask her, they don’t have a relationship. So if you’re thinking that you’re being unfaithful to your partner, make sure you ask that person if she is a partner in the first place. If the answer is No, then you’re good to go.

It all depends on your agreement with your partner

Even if you do have a partner and there is some sort of emotional attachment and commitment there, you have to remember that a lot of modern American relationships are open relationships. This means that these people are smart and advanced and mature enough to be so sophisticated as to divorce emotional entanglement from physical intimacy. There are lots of long-term partnerships and relationships and even marriages where the wife gives full permission to the husband to bang as many different women as he wants as long as he doesn’t bring home a disease.

Again, it all depends on the agreement that you have with your partner. If you haven’t had a serious talk yet regarding an open relationship, maybe now is the time before you start looking for free local sex.